Anatomy of Melancholia (Incl. Ness Daydream Vision)

by Agnosia

  • Agnosia - Anatomy of Melancholia (Pre-Order 12" Vinyl Limited Edition)

    Agnosia's Anatomy of Melancholia will be the first release of Ephemeral Manoeuvres, a travel through the dreams of a person who has lost somebody on his course of life.

    The album have 3 original tracks and a Daydream Vision from Ness, more luminous to wake up the mind of the main character. In the first track “Memories”, the person dive into his dreams against his own memories. The track have a powerful droned and fuzzy pads and winds, teleporting us inside the deepest part of our mind and ephemeral voices inviting you to be part of it.

    The second track “Forget you? (I Can’t)” it’s a powerful passage to the lost memories of the deeper part of the dream. A forcefulness and progressive groove and percussions swallow us to the longest part of this oddissey. The diffused pads, winds and voices makes us feel better in a stop for rest in our continuous fight.

    Third track “Life enlightens me, again” inspired by pure Dreampop chords, is the only way to awake from memories what are doing us pain and suffer. The light is at the end, we can see it, but we can’t touch it creating a softly tension, making you a prisoner of a beautiful nightmare.

    Release date : 27 October 2016
    Format : Vinyl
    Distributed by ReBirth Distribution
    Artwork: Silica

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released October 29, 2016

Written & Produced by Agnosia
Format : Vinyl 12"
Mastered at Finalizer Mastering Studios
Distributed by ReBirth Distribution
Artwork: Silica



Ephemeral Manoeuvres Barcelona, Spain

Techno / Ambient / Post-Shoegaze.

Musical experiences about ephemeral concepts.

Ephemeral Manoeuvres is a vinyl only music label focused on Ambient, Techno and Shoegaze. Label bosses Agnosia, wants to explore a way to express ourselves shaping experiences in first person about ephemeral concepts.

Soul, body, mind and motion are the main themes in his productions, travelling into our emotions.
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